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The following website, http://rsflimerick.com/ is no longer under the control of Republican Sinn Féin and is being operated by a former member of RSF now expelled. Furthermore, this is Republican Sinn Féin’s only blog. RSF wish to state that any content posted on this blog is done by an authorised by the Republican Movement.



Media Information From
Joe Lynch, RSF Republican Sinn Féin
National spokesman/Editor Saoirse Nua
Ballinacurra Weston, Limerick
Contact Joe Lynch on 085 1986280 or email: rsflimerick@live.ie  


The tactical use of constant prank phone calls to RSF members by Daltonites will not deter the Republican Movement from our objectives. This attempt by Retired Sinn Féin to intimidate us into removing our numbers from the internet is meant to curtail our online recruiting efforts, it will fail.

The age old aspiration of the Irish people to a new and united Ireland should not be laughed at by those organisations and individuals who have left the Repblican movement. Those in Retired Sinn Féin have degenerated to the level of being petty pranksters and criminals, to call these people revolutionaries would indeed be a laughing matter.

The fact is that the Daltonites have repeatedly called RSF members claiming to be newspaper reporters and have also sent Pizza Hut to addresses listed on rsflimerick.com. In the current climate men and women who adhere to
the core principles of Irish republicanism are being pranked and made an exhibition of on the internet.

The pathetic efforts of Retired Sinn Féin to stop the growth of the legitimate Republican Movement through childish pranks must cease or retaliatory measures will be taken.

Issued on Thursday 25 April 2013

There can be no better word used to describe Margaret Thatcher than a tyrant. During her reign as Prime Minister of England, she ruthlessly oppressed and presided over the illegal occupation of Irelands 6 counties along with many other illegal occupations carried out by England throughout the world. Let us remember with pride the 10 brave Irishmen led by Bobby Sands who made the ultimate sacrifice as they died on hunger strike, showing the world that Irish soldiers would not be criminalised and broken by the British forces of occupation lead by the evil tyrant Margaret Thatcher. This woman denied prisoner of war status to Irish Republicans fighting for the freedom of Ireland, along with having them tortured and murdered. The evil deeds committed in Ireland by the war criminal Margaret Thatcher can only be compared to those committed by Oliver Cromwell. Like most tyrants, Thatcher was despised by the majority of the people of her own country, as can be seen by the large number of street party’s taking place in England to celebrate her demise. Margaret Thatcher cruelly oppressed the working class people of England, an example of which was the miners’ strike, in which she presided over the crushing of the coal workers by the oppressive English Conservative Party which she lead at the time. We must also remember the brave patriots of Argentina who died as they attempted to free the Argentinian Malvinas islands from Brutal British colonial occupation enforced by Thatcher. The evil tyrant Thatcher may have escaped judgement and punishment for her war crimes and crimes against humanity in this life, but she will not escape judgement and punishment in the next one.

Publicity Department, Republican Sinn Féin, 11/04/13.


Media Information From
Joe Lynch, RSF Republican Sinn Féin
National spokesman/Editor Saoirse Nua
Ballinacurra Weston, Limerick
Contact Joe Lynch on 085 1986280 or email: rsflimerick@live.ie


The Regeneration Agencies that promised so much for a
renewed and crime free Limerick have folded their tents like
Arabs in the night and departed the city, a spokesman for
Republican Sinn Féin said today.

Joe Lynch from Ballinacurra Weston the local RSF
chairman said that a public meeting held in Our
Lady of Lourdes parish earlier this week was kept quiet
by the regeneration agencies because the message
was one of no hope for a better future.

“The meeting was not attended by any City
Councillors and local people left in tears
because they were told that Regeneration has
ended, he said.

When people asked about the gaping holes left
in rows of houses by demolition they were told
no new houses would be built.

So instead of regenerating the area the agencies
have left eyesores behind and now condemn
ordinary decent people to live in such conditions.

With the Free State police now saying that gang crime is
rising in Moyross and Southill, it must be asked
what has been provided by the Regeneration
Agencies for the millions they have spent. They
have left Limerick really no better and the
ordinary people are again picking up the tab.

Issued on Friday 8th March 2013

Statement From The South Down Command Of The Real Continuity Irish Republican Army

The South Down Command, Real Continuity Irish Republican Army have approached two feuding families in Newry and Bessbrook and ordered them to cease feuding immediately. They have been making life misery for the whole community including the children of the area. We know the names of the individuals involved in this feuding, who are members of the Travelling community.

If they do not cease their actions immediately, severe military action will be taken against them. The Real Continuity Irish Republican Army is committed to ensuring that the communities of Ireland are safe for the people of Ireland and we will protected our community’s from this kind of antisocial behaviour by whatever means necessary.


(The above statement was anonymously received by Saoirse Nua)